Hej hej vänner! It’s 3:30 AM. Or 9:30 PM – though if you asked me, it’s noon-ish. I know that relative to world travel, a six-hour time warp isn’t that big of a deal…people venture out like this all the time, and to far more distant places. But I have a knack – a talent really – for overcomplicating simple things, like going to bed. And so on the cusp of Day 4/5 in Stockholm, at 3:30/9:30/noon in the morning, I’ve decided that THIS is the right time to finally start my blog! Sadly, I’ve been without wifi for the first four days of my trip – four days of exploring and eating and drinking and GROWing, only to be distilled now into this lame intro blog in which I discuss none of those things. But I have a camera full of photos, a map full of scribbles and a (groggy) head full of memories already – so stay tuned. Circa 4 AM tomorrow I just might have a story to tell.