Well, someone told them. All of them know. I don’t know who spilled the beans, or why, but everyone — waitresses, shopkeepers, people bustling along Sveavägen in the morning rush — intuitively recognized the imposter today. Undoing all of the success I’d had blending in on Day 5, these people now know I’m American and they’ve spoken to me in English from the get-go. This is especially annoying because I wore (I thought) the perfect Stockholm outfit today.

On the work front, though, things are really picking up speed. My coworkers have known my origin all along and so I haven’t had to waste much energy trying to fool them with my black tights and leather boots. Not having to go through those exercises has left quite a bit of time to actually get work done in the office.

And just what is this mysterious “work” that the GROW kids do? That depends a lot on your office. For some of us, work means spending the entire day gorging on tseburek and spatzle and then filming nude Russians out for a morning swim, but for me, work is engaging and challenging and very different from what I do at home — pretty much everything this program is supposed to be.

I’m working as a book agent at Bonnier Group Agency, and the easiest way I can think to explain it is this: the Bonnier empire in Stockholm is filled with various niche publishing companies (fiction, non-fiction, children’s and young adult etc.), and BGA was formed to handle foreign rights and licensing for the group, so that a book written in one language can be published in many others — or even turned into a movie — essentially generating all new profits from content that already exists. It’s genius. So I, the native English speaker (which is apparently obvious to the whole world at a glance today), help to edit and translate the already-roughly-translated US versions of excerpts and marketing materials, and I make them colloquial and legible and pretty.

I also devote a lot of time to the espresso machine downstairs, because I’m that dilgent. Side note: Today I switched to triple-shot cappuccinos to save myself a few trips up and down the stairs. For anyone thinking of trying this, I recommend eating first, and then still not doing it.