My computer at work — including all of my folders and documents, menus and functions — as well as most of the hardcover and paperback books I’m working on = Entirely in Swedish. Even my email. And like my fellow GROW buddy in Helsinki, I’m finding Google Translate to be a little, um…flawed? But I’m not down on Google — I think sometimes an idea just really does not translate. And when that happens, all that’s left to do is adapt.

Last week, my coworkers and I went to see a foreign film from the exotic and far away USA — New York, I Love You — and, stopping for a quick bite at Wayne’s Coffee (a.k.a. Swedish Starbucks), I asked why certain munchies at the counter were labeled as “mycket.” What could it mean, and what could that spinache quiche and strawberry tart really have in common? The answer is foodie. They were both foodie foods.

Me: So, you mean like hearty?

Coworkers in unison: No, not really…

Me: Savory?

C I U: Not exactly, no…

Me: Filling?

C I U: No, it’s just foodie. Like, foodie foods. When a food is foodie…

Ah. In my Orlando life, I generally try to avoid modifying a noun with itself as the adjective — oatmealy oatmeal, rainy rain, a kitteny kitten — but here, I’ve really latched on to this. I think I love it. Every morning I have about 26 cappuccino-y cappuccinos and I often end my days with a yummy glass of wine-y wine, and it may not make any sense to you uncultured people, but I think it’s great. All mycket, all the time.