One of my projects at work this week was creating English marketing materials for Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson. The BGA agents have a few major book fairs every fall – Gothenburg this weekend and Frankfurt, one of the world’s largest fairs, the week after – and since Nilsson’s books are some of the most recognized and influential in the agency’s catalogue, this was a big deal.

Now I know why: At 88 years old, Nilsson has pioneered some of the most incredible photographic techniques I’ve ever seen. In the early 1950s, Nilsson developed special medical instruments with macro- and wide-angle lenses and was able to capture the first look at human embryos; and in 1965 he published the first edition of his book, A Child is Born, a photoessay that documents human life from conception to birth. 1965, people! Will you look at these images?

The book is now in its fifth edition and it’s been published around the world. Not surprising that it’s popular. I only included a few of his photographs, but I definitely suggest checking out his full slideshow here. Especially all of you preggo friends of mine who occasionally read this blog – this is for you.

(Bizarre side note to mom: Does this guy look EXACTLY like grandpa or am I crazy?)