Change is inevitable, and when you open yourself up to its possibilities, change is also exciting – even liberating. Except when you’re living abroad and the thing that keeps changing is the exchange rate.

When I first arrived in Stockholm, the US dollar was roughly worth 8 kronor, so I could assume that yummy little 200 kr entree was going to set me back around $25. Pricy for a plate of meatballs, sure, but I was living in a blissful credit card bubble, and we all know that isn’t real money anyway. A few weeks later, though, I was annoyed but not very surprised to learn that the dollar was tanking, and so the rate was more like 1:7 and that same meal was going to cost me a lot closer to $30.

But NOW? Depending on where you check, we’re right around 6.3 kr to the dollar today, so meatballs are no longer worth it, let alone luxuries like hand soap. Come on, America! Fix this so I can buy toothpaste.