After the last laundry day debacle, I had resolved to avoid washing my clothes for the rest of the year, no matter how ratty or chocolate- (I mean veggie-) stained they became. But since the washer and dryer in my building are both free, it turns out that doing laundry is one of the only things I can afford to do anymore. So today I acquiesced. I tossed a bunch of my stuff in a bag, grabbed a few of my trusty Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets (highly recommended, btw – particularly when you don’t have the luxury of a washer and dryer in your apartment like certain spoiled, rich GROW kids) and I trekked down to the laundry room…

…only to find this. Strategically placed, unmanned scaffolding in front of the one and only entrance. (And oddly, no construction to be seen anywhere…WTF is this for?)Never mind that I had reserved this date and time two weeks ago on the “official” laundry room padlock-calendar system, and no one posted an announcement or otherwise notified the new fifth floor tenant that there would be construction on her scheduled laundry day. It’s fine. Because you know what? The landlord clearly underestimated how stubborn this American girl can be, as well as the lengths to which she will go for clean socks and something to do on a Wednesday night. It took every ounce of piloxing strength and agility I’ve built up in company gym class, but I – and my laundry bag – ducked and maneuvered and twisted our way inside! Victory is mine!

Update: The dryer is broken, and I did not see that coming. Apparently victory is not mine.