Sometimes when you stop blogging for too long – say, to travel around Europe for a week, and then to catch up on a marathon of Cops and Family Guy on Swedish syndication when you’re back – you lose your motivation to write. It’s not for lack of stories to tell – in the last week, I’ve been in three countries and I have probably a hundred things I could write about here. I could even fall back on another ugly photo collage to fill some bloggie space. Oooh, actually, maybe I’ll make one after this…

But the point is, I feel rather out of shape. So let’s just agree to consider tonight’s post a training blog. I will write some stuff that isn’t particularly compelling or organized and with absolutely no theme or story arc, just to get back on the wagon here, and you (three people who read this) will support me in that. You will!

So first thing’s first, because most of my posts have to contain some variation of this topic (I don’t make the rules): It’s freezing here. Like really, really cold, and not just because I think temperatures in the 60s are chilly. Lately, I’ve been conducting my usual 2-mile commute-on-foot in morning temps of around 30 degrees. 30!! And we’ve barely scratched October. November is going to be a long month, folks.

Also on the weather subject, I should mention here that all week long, there has been an ice cream truck blaring its universally creepy music outside my apartment at around 9 PM. Every night. This seems not only an odd season for it, but also time of day, and neighborhood, because everyone in Östermalm is retired and old and looong asleep with their pomeranians by that hour. And yet, I too am always in my pajamas by then, so I never make it downstairs for a push pop either. That’s right, I’m really living it up Euro-style these days. 29 is the new 80.

On a slightly less lame note, I’ve had grilled cheese for dinner four nights in a row now (I said slightly less), and I have just enough cheese left for another one tomorrow. This may sound sad to you, but with all the $26 meatballs and heavy cream sauces I’ve been eating every day, I am LOVING grilled cheese week. And so is my credit card. This is a trend I actually plan to continue until I pay off the Prague trip, so don’t expect any exciting “OMG I had the most delicious fois gras last night” posts in the near future. Or ever, because fois gras is gross.

Ok now I feel like doing the ugly photo collage thing so stay tuned.