Sooo, I have a big meeting with my department tomorrow. Really big. It’s somehow mid-November already, which means it’s all of a sudden, out of nowhere, time for the very official GROW recap — a chance for me to present (for four action-packed hours) all of the translations and projects I’ve worked on since August.

I’ve come to realize that all of my most successful and critically acclaimed blog posts are the ones that focus on either something stupid I said, something stupid I did, or something involving a funny elevator sign, so don’t worry — I won’t dwell on boring work things and this post will be really short. But I do want to point out that today I had a pre-meeting to discuss the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting. And if you thought that corporate America held the patent on scheduling meetings to recap a pre-meeting in preparation for the next week’s follow-up meeting to the usual weekly meeting in anticipation of a one-off meeting, you’re wrong. They’re into that sort of excess here, too.

But more importantly, this post is really about one thing: disbelief. After months of planning and daydreaming and cold-weather-shopping and strategic packing, is this whole thing really almost over?